Absentee/Early Voting

Any REGISTERED WI voter can request to vote absentee/early. You do not need a reason.

There are 2 ways to vote absentee/early: in-person or by mail.


You can vote by in-person absentee ballot at your municipal clerk’s office before the election. Each city, village and town in Wisconsin is responsible for setting the dates and hours of this “early voting” for their municipality. To find this information for where you live contact your municipal clerk. You’ll need a photo ID: bringit.wi.gov/do-i-have-right-photo-id

By mail:

Deadlines for requesting an absentee ballot by mail:

For February 16 Spring Nonpartisan Primary:  February 11, 5:00 pm          

For April 6 Spring Nonpartisan Election:  April 1, 5:00 pm

Make your request early to avoid overloading the system at the last minute.  Make the request online or by mailing in an application.

1. Online: Click below to request an absentee ballot electronically:


Follow the prompts. At a certain point you will need to upload a photo ID, usually your WI driver’s license or WI state ID card (not a “selfie.”) If your clerk has your photo ID on file you will probably not have to do this again; however, exceptions have been reported.  

A list of acceptable IDs: bringit.wi.gov/do-i-have-right-photo-id

You can scan your photo ID or use your smartphone or tablet to take a picture (probably the easiest way.)  If using a computer, take a photo, email it to yourself and then save the photo from your email inbox.  Then use the “Add Files+” button to upload the picture to myvote.

Click here for more detailed information about requesting an absentee ballot online.

2. By mail: Click below for a paper absentee application:


Print it and mail it with a copy of your photo ID to your municipal clerk.

List of acceptable photo IDs: bringit.wi.gov

“Indefinitely confined” absentee voters DO NOT need a photo ID.

When you receive the absentee ballot in the mail:

  • In the presence of a witness (must be at least 18 years old and a qualified elector), mark the ballot and seal it in the envelope.

  • Sign the ballot envelope. The witness must sign the ballot envelope and write their address.

  • Mail the ballot. It must arrive to the clerk’s office by 8 pm on Election Day. The postal service recommends 7-10 days for delivery.

  • You may also hand deliver it to the clerk’s office or your polling place on Election Day.

  • Follow all directions. If the ballot is not signed or witnessed or delivered by 8 pm on Election Day it will be invalid and your vote will not count.

If for some reason you do not receive an absentee ballot by mail, or if you change your mind, you can still go to the polls and vote in person on Election Day.

For more detailed information about absentee voting from the Wisconsin Election Commission click here: elections.wi.gov/voters/absentee