Current Board of Officers

& Directors

Elected Officers for two-year term


President:                     Christy Schwan 2021-2023

Vice President:            Ellen MacFarlane 2021-2023

Secretary:                     Pru Palecek 2021-20213

Treasurer:                     Mary Fran Lepeska 2020-2022


Elected Board of Directors for two-year term


Allison Antoine           Communications 2021-2023

Barbara Johnson        Voter Services 2020-2022

Vonna Pitel                  Public Relations 2021-2023

Susan Waldo              Membership Chair 2020-2022

Katie Egan-Bruhy       Member-at-large

Appointed Directors for one-year term


Barbara Hunt               Past President

Nancy Haacke             Outreach

Marge Palleon             Environment

Connie Roethel            Diversity, Equity Inclusion Chair

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Annual Report 2019-2020  (PDF)

Past Presidents  (PDF)


Back row, left to right: Barbara Hunt, Vonna Pitel, Katie Egan-Bruhy, Barbara Johnson, Susan Waldo, Connie Roethel, Mary Fran Lepeska.

Front row, left to right: Ellen MacFarlane, Christy Schwan, Pru Palecek.

Missing: Allison Antoine, Nancy Haacke, Marge Palleon

Nominating Committee for one-year term 2021-2022


Deb Stone, Chair

Allison Antoine

Donna Fowler

Stacy Tolomeo