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WI Senate District 8 Candidate Q&A

Responses to League Generated Questions: WI Senate District 8

In the interest of informing voters, the League of Women Voters of Ozaukee County reached out to candidates on the November 3rd ballot in contested races that affected Ozaukee County voters. In an email and follow-up mailing, State and US Congress candidates were invited to respond to League member-generated questions. Campaign email addresses and mailing addresses were obtained from Campaign Registration Statements for State candidates and from campaign websites for US Congress candidates. Candidate responses could either be in writing with a 300-word limit per question or in a virtual video/audio response with a 2-minute time limit per question, using the League’s Zoom platform. Either the written response or the recorded video/audio response is posted here verbatim and unedited. Lack of response from a candidate is also noted. Responses are posted in ballot order and as they are received. Neal Plotkin (D) recorded an audio response (see below) on October 2, 2020 and no response, written or recorded, has been received from Incumbent Alberta Darling (R) as of this posting on October 2, 2020.

Not sure who is/are your elected official(s)? Find “My Elected Officials” at: My Voter Info then find your candidates’ responses below. WI Senate District 8: Neal Plotkin (D) vs. Incumbent Alberta Darling (R)

League members generated the following questions for candidates:

Intro: Tell voters about your qualifications and why you are running for office. Redistricting: What is your suggestion for making the 2021 redistricting process nonpartisan? Voting: In what ways can Wisconsin improve its voter registration process and election administration? COVID-19: What measures do you support to address both the public health issues and the economic issues related to COVID-19? Racial disparities: What measures do you support to address the racial disparities in Wisconsin? Bipartisanship: What are your ideas for getting both parties to work together in order to serve all Wisconsinites? Are there issues on which you could work in a bipartisan way? Your priorities: What issues are your top priorities?

Responses are below, unedited, as they were received:

Neal Plotkin (D) (click the link or watch below):

Incumbent Alberta Darling (R) no response received.