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WI Freshwater is getting salty.

WI freshwater is getting salty.

The US uses over 42 million tons of salt per year for their roads. It is dispersed as runoff in streams, rivers, roadsides, & marshes causing a risk to ecosystems.

When salty water & fresh water mix, the salt will sink to the bottom of a lake or stream causing a dead zone, death to plants, trees, fish, rust & corrosion to infrastructure and salty well water.

After six decades of road salt use, massive spikes for road salt runoff has been noted in the KK, Menomonee & Milwaukee rivers. The improvement in water quality of the Great Lakes occurred with the Clean Water act, but it is again deteriorating due to salt contamination.

To assist with the problem, some WI cities now use a liquid salt/water brine-regular salt dissolved in water-reducing salt use by 40-50%.

Three things we can do to reduce salt use:

  1. Use one cup salt for 20 foot of driveway or 10 squares of side walk.

  2. Use sand if temperature <15 degrees

  3. Optimize your water softener

And of course, educate! We encourage you to visit Wisconsin Salt Wise for more information!