Voting Basics

Who is eligible to vote in WI?  You must…

  • be age 18 by next election

  • be a US Citizen

  • live at current residence for at least 10 days before the election

  • not be serving a sentence for a felony conviction (must be “off paper”)

What documents do I need for voting in WI?

1. To register to vote: you will need an acceptable Proof of Residence

It’s easiest if you have a current & valid WI Driver’s License or WI ID card. Other Proofs of Residence:

Free WI ID card: You can apply for a free WI Photo ID card for voting. You can begin the process online but will need to go in person to the DMV to complete the process. Read more:


2. To vote, either in-person or absentee: you will need an acceptable Photo ID

Do I have the right Photo ID?

ID acceptable even if expired after the date of the last general election (Nov 6, 2018)